from a customer in the NIGHT VISION SENSOR industry

"My first engagements with BaiTECH Solutions were simply via the phone.  Their experience and solid engineering background in wire bond technology became apparent during that first phone call. I spoke to Baitech Solutions several more times,  before realizing that bringing them onsite would be the best option. At this point, Baitech had already spend several hours (no charge) listening and providing guidance to a very vexing problem that I’m not at liberty to discuss here. So Baitech and me and my engineer scheduled a face to face visit.  Wow! Excellent ideas, analysis, and recommendations came mostly in a one day visit. Their company followed up with a well thought out report that captured data, what was accomplished onsite and specific recommendations in priority order about how we should proceed.  Engagements with the onsite engineer were professional and highly enjoyable, as we worked together in the lab.  So far, this proved to be an excellent idea and I look forward to when we have established a much more robust and stable wire bond schedule and process.  I have no doubt that it will improve up time for the bonder, as well as increase our product yields. Keep up the good work, Baitech!

from a large sensor manufacturing customer 

"As with any large company there are many smaller departments that bring a very diverse knowledge base. When we met with Baitech Solutions, we realized that their diverse background was a perfect fit to our wire bond and die bond consulting needs. Regardless of meeting with upper management or our meeting with recently hired production operators, Baitech Solutions provided the quality communication and support we needed across the production and R&D departments."

from a mexico manufacturing customer 

"US Based service and equipment suppliers frequent our company on a regular basis. So when Baitech Solutions made contact with us with their claims of unmatched customer support we assumed it was just the usual sales speak. They promoted their sales and service through an office in Southern California and a business partner in Tijuana. Having local Mexico support and the ability to communicate in Spanish caught our attention. It is fair to say that Baitech and their Tijuana based partner have proven that the sales support promises were not just sales speak. The customer service quality is real. We are impressed with the service and support and encourage any other Mexico based customers to engage Baitech Solutions and their product lines."

from a project critical Government contractor 

"I want to thank you for your support on our wire bonder. The training and expertise you provided are going to be of great value to our technologies. We look forward to working with you in the future."



from an R&D and small production customer 

"We rely on a single wire bonder and die bonder to meet our research and development needs. Our budgets are limited and we need help in short notice. Our equipment is older than the equipment manufacture will support. So when Baitech Solutions provided us with equipment support within 1 days notice and at minimal costs we were grateful. We strongly recommend them for any wire bonding or die bonding support."

from a leading technology and engineering provider

"As  our scope of work with wire bonding increased in our R&D department, we really looked forward to getting our own Xyztec Sigma tester. We spent countless months borrowing our sister building’s machine. When we inquired BAITECH SOLUTIONS of our intentions to possibly get our own tester, they were prompt in getting the correct information and right guidance to meet the specifications we needed for our testing. The representatives were both professional and quick to get everything inline for the purchase. Too my amazement once purchase had been expedited, we had the tester within a week all the way from the Netherlands, talk about fast. Once it arrived, both rep’s were setting up appointments for install. We are currently using the tester on a daily basis for all aspects of what we do, and I have never been more satisfied with a tester like this. Small, compact but does the work of 4 large testers we have here. I would highly recommend BAITECH SOLUTIONS, they are professional and very knowledgeable about all their equipment. And one last thing, anytime I have questions or need guidance they will respond asap, with the information needed."

from a customer in the Medical industry

"Our company was new to wire bonding and needed help developing processes and techniques to enable us to build a new, complex product line. Baitech Solutions turned out to be the perfect solution. They came in, assessed the project, made recommendations and helped us quickly develop a reliable process. During this development, we were able to leverage Baitech Solutions’ many contacts in the industry helping us save valuable time. Baitech has worked extremely well with our staff; providing professional hands on training and ongoing support. I would highly recommend Baitech Solutions to anyone new to wire bonding or needing help finding solutions to very difficult problems."

from a customer in the Microwave electronics industry

"Baitech Solutions has proven to be a reliable resource of support and technology implementation as we moved from the manual wire bonding process into automated wedge bonding. Their experience with microwave wedge bonding technology has shown us what is practical to automate and what should be left to the manual wire bonding process. We now consider Baitech as a significant partner in the automation path we plan over the next 5 years. We value the straight forward communication approach that provides clear guidance and direction to meet our achievable goals."